Tame Your Tech


Structured into 10 easy-to-play games, the 40+ lessons in Tame your Tech take you by the hand and show you exactly how to use mostly free tools to research your market and develop the key elements you need to grow a successful expert business online.


Grow your confidence and come to understand and master the technology you need online.  By bringing a little playfulness to these 10 games, Almira makes it easy for you to learn, understand and apply these strategies and tools successfully in your business.


Trade frustration for fulfilment.  Discover the simple, proven strategies to launch your online course, and grow a thriving and sustainable business online. Book your place now.

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Tame your Tech is a game — one designed specifically to help those of you who are stopped or confused by online technology you don’t understand. To keep it lighthearted and fun so you can gain confidence in using these powerful tools to grow your business online.

Step-by-step and in simple language, you’re guided through what to do and how to use specific technologies to achieve your desired results, whether that’s to find your market online, create a sales page, or optimise it for performance.

The course is set up as a series of simple, easy to play games — with how-to videos structured and catalogued to make it easy for you to find what you want quickly, without any hassle or confusion. The games are simple, easy to follow with quick wins to build your confidence. Most of the tools are free or low cost, so that you can get started and up and running without much financial investment.


Game 1: Researching Your Market

Some good games and (mostly) free tools to help you:

  • Set up the systems you need
  • Discover where to find your target audience online
  • Identify the top influencers in your field
  • Listen in on your competitors
  • Get clear on their product offerings and price points
  • Discover the language your audience uses and
  • What engages them and what leaves them cold

Game 2: Surveying Your Audience

A simple approach to finding out exactly what your target audience wants from you.  How to:

  • Conduct a meaningful strategy
  • Analyse and structure the results

Game 3: Testing your Product Offering

Structuring your content and developing and delivering your course material so that it meets the wants and needs of your target market.

  • Mind map your content structure
  • Promote your test run on the cheap
  • Free tools to sell your product offering
  • Free/low cost tools to deliver your pilot offer

Game 4: Attracting your Audience

One of the best games, in which you reach out, attract and engage your special target audience online.

  • Your lead magnet
  • Social posting
  • Blogging
  • The best email campaigns
  • An introduction to FaceBook Advertising

Game 5: Delivering your Course Content

If you plan to make online training a core part of your offering,  you’ll need some course delivery platform or Learning Management System (LMS).  The pros and cons, and how to use the most popular course delivery platforms:

  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • LearnDash

Game 6: Setting Up your Sales Funnels

There are several types of sales funnel, one of which suits you and your product offering best.  Here you discover what they are and how to set them up using available tools.  Some of these are paid for subscriptions.

  • Webinar sales funnel
  • Product launch funnel
  • Lead pages
  • Your own web pages
  • Sales page checklist

Game 7: Running Webinars

Using a series of live trainings to promote your online course and invite participants to your sales page.  How to:

  • Design the four elements of the product launch sequence
  • Your sales pages and sales page checklist
  • The replay sequence and sequence checklist

Game 9: Measuring your Performance

Gauging your performance means capturing and analysing metrics — key performance indicators that tell you whether your business is on track or not.

  • The metrics every business needs to track — conversion rates, cost per lead, cost per customer, profit, recurring revenue, list growth, customer lifetime value
  • Set your analytics goals
  • Get to grips with Google analytics
  • What your results mean
  • Set up FaceBook pixels
  • How to analyse your results
  • A/B testing

Game 10: Setting Up the Right Systems

You need good systems to keep track of every aspect of your course — creation, delivery, marketing, sales.  All the platforms you are using.

  • Naming conventions
  • Filing systems
  • Email campaigns and sequences
  • Workflows
  • Sales funnel links
  • Version control
  • Performance results


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