Making Time For What Matters


Discover how to Make Time for What Matters in four easy-to-follow lessons.  Reconnect to what matters most for you, and free up the time and energy you need to realise your vision for a better world.


Forget those “I’m too busy” or “I can never find the time” excuses and discover how to free up the time and energy you need for what matters most to you. Realise your dreams, make your difference, whatever Life might throw at you.


Discover a few simple, proven strategies to free up your time, manage and replenish your energy and commit to your dreams, not from a sense of duty, but from joy. Book your place now.

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Could you do with an extra 10 hours a week? Maybe more?

We all lead incredibly hectic lives, with more demands on our time and energy than we seem able to deal with. Often, those many demands take us away from what really matters — those activities that keep us from the real work we know we are here to do.

Life gets in the way. Of course, there will always be distractions. From time to time a genuine emergency. More often than not, though, our time and energy get frittered away on a lot of things that don’t really matter. Things that keep us from realising our dreams. Things that keep us from making this world a better place.

That’s why it’s so important to be crystal clear on what really matters to you, and find ways to recover some of that time and energy that’s currently wasted on stuff that means little to you.


Lesson 1: What Really Matters?

In which you discover what’s most important to you and your vision for a better world.

Lesson 2: How Do You Invest Your Time?

Where you conduct a sobering exercise to discover exactly how you use the time you have available to you. With a simple strategy for getting rid of the time wasters.

Lesson 3: Scheduling by Energy

Where you learn that it’s not just time, but energy, you need more of. And how to free up the right energy for the task at hand.

Lesson 4: The True Nature of Commitment

In which you understand the nature of commitment — and how to continually move towards your vision, whatever Life throws at you.


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