Courses That Sell Mastery


Structured into 6 modules, the 50+ lessons in Courses that Sell Mastery give you all the understanding, practical know-how and mentoring you need to create, market and sell an evergreen course online.


Transform your expertise into a best-selling online course using tried and tested strategies that work.  By bringing playfulness to the programme, Almira makes it easy for you to learn, understand and apply these strategies successfully in your business.


Trade frustration for fulfilment.  Discover the simple, proven strategies to launch your online course, and grow a thriving and sustainable business online. Apply for your place now.

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Courses That Sell Mastery

Courses that Sell Mastery

Because you know you’re here to make a difference. You know the worldwide web is the ideal way to get your message and your life’s work out and into the hands of those people you most want to serve.  You just don’t know how — yet.  Courses that Sell Mastery leads you step by step through a proven process that ensures you create, market and sell an online course that sells — for many years to come.

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Making Time for What Matters

Because you’re busy and need to free up both time and energy for the important things in life.  Like getting your online course out to market.  You’ll find some powerful techniques here to free up at least 10 hours a week, increase your energy and truly understand the nature of commitment.  The perfect way to set yourself up to create, market and sell an evergreen online course.

Tame Your Tech

Tame Your Tech

Because technology is often a show stopper.  Here you’ll find easy-to-follow how to videos of all the tools and technology you need to support you as you research your market online and develop your sales and marketing channels and platforms.

Set out in simple categories to make it easy for you to find exactly what you want.

Courses that Sell Mastery teaches you how to master the web and turn your expertise into evergreen online courses and information products. Ones that continue to sell and sell well, month after month and year after year.

So, if you’ve tried to launch an online course and been disappointed in the past, know it’s not your fault.  Frustrating though it can be, you’ve just used the wrong strategy. Courses that Sell Mastery shows you the ways that work, laid out simply so that you can easily understand and apply what you learn to your business.

And if technology has always been a stumbling block, worry no more. With Tame Your Tech as a standard part of the programme, you’ll come to understand the technology and tools you need with step-by-step how-to videos to set up — or have your techie set up — all the technology you need.

By the time you have completed this programme, you will have created that course, made your first sales and developed the sales and marketing channels needed to sell it online.  And the confidence in yourself and your approach to do this again and again.

You may even have sold sufficient copies to pay for this programme

You’ll also know it’s an iterative process, one where you continue to improve everything as you go. One that takes time, energy and commitment.

That’s why this programme is by Application Only.  When you sign up, you’ll have 2 weeks to decide if this really is for you.  With full access to the course, you’ll be asked to complete an application form and have a 121 call so that I can get clear on exactly what you what to achieve, how this programme can support you, and whether it’s right for you right now. If so, great, you’ll be welcomed formally into the programme.

If not, you’ll be guided to some more suitable programme and given a full and immediate refund.

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Module 1: Start here

With you, your business, your product idea and your target market. Making sure your product idea and your business are perfectly aligned with who you are and your vision, and that you know your target audience and exactly where to find them.

  • Introduction to Courses that Sell Mastery
  • Your game
  • Getting clear on  you and what you have to offer
  • Shaping and refining your course idea
  • How and where your proposed online course fits into your business
  • Defining your target market
  • Where and how to find your audience online

Module 2: Will It sell?

A key question to answer before you go any further. These strategies save you time, money and precious life energy, by testing (and selling) your proposed online course in your marketplace before you create it. Once you run this pilot, you know you have something your audience wants, needs and is willing to pay for. It can and will sell.

  • Your simple formula for success
  • The best vehicle to market
  • Formulating your Ask Campaign
  • Creating your prototype course
  • Free tools and systems you need

Module 3: Your Irresistible Offer

Defining and promoting your online course in an irresistible way to ensure it sells. It identifies all the elements you need to include in your course. Importantly, you uncover the beliefs your audience has about taking your course — their biggest objections — and how to transform those beliefs through the stories you tell.

  • Crafting your offer
  • Identifying beliefs and objections
  • Transforming beliefs
  • Your prelaunch formula
  • Introduction to the sales funnel
  • Systems you need, including course platforms

Module 4: Delighting your customers

Setting out the platforms you need to delight your customers through their entire buying journey with you, from awareness through to purchase and beyond. You’ll discover the best strategies to use — beginning at the end with the end in mind.

  • The customer journey
  • Customer on boarding
  • Crafting your sales funnel
  • The 3 best sales funnels to use
  • Your sales page

Module 5: Promoting your offer

Creating a workable marketing campaign to promote your online course to the right audience, by working a strategy that best achieves your goals, not just for this promotion but for many to come. You are building a powerful marketing platform to sell you course consistently and repeatedly.

  • Your vision and objectives
  • Your marketing strategy simplified
  • Reaching your market online
  • Your campaign plan and timeline planner
  • Your prelaunch campaign
  • Your replay campaign

Module 6: Your launch and beyond

Making it happen — setting up and running your first launch and follow up, with an introduction to the metrics and ads you’ll need to put in place. How to interpret your results so you can continue to improve your performance.

  • Your ad campaign
  • Metrics and how to interpret them
  • Your build up
  • Prelaunch
  • Release & follow up


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